Criminalistics and technological Area

Criminalistics is an essential tool in any case of investigation, either public or private. In our Agency we count with the support of experts in different fields, whose work enables not only the progress in the investigations, but also the defense of our expert reports to the courts. The most frequent interventions are:

Calligraphic expertise

  • Forgery or alteration of documents.
  • Signature verification.
  • Anonymous writings

Handwriting analysis

  • Personnel selection support.
  • Preventive guidance on people behaviour. 

Computer forensics

  • Hardware and cell phone analysis.
  • Abuse of company systems.
  • Sabotage and computer fraud.
  • Phishing.
  • Anonym messages.
  • Data recovery and secure delation. 

Industrial property expertise

  • Product counterfeiting. 

Investigation of accidents

  • Occupational accidents.
  • Traffic accidents. 


  • Espionage detection systems.
  • Hidden cameras for the detection of theft and vandalism.