Antifraud Area

Nowadays fraud is very common. Our role in this field has a very clear objetive: getting information and evidence to be able to defend our reports to the court. This is known as Litigation Support.

There are different fighting ambits against fraud, but within the most common ones we could mention:

Real state

Owners and land agents, frequently, find themselves in certain situations that end up at court, therefore they require our support, first concerning to the investigation of the situation and secondly in the trial itself.

  • Real state leasing conditions. 
  • Infringement of tire L.A.U. ( town leasing law) in all aspects.

Insurance companies

The most common services to fight fraud against this kind of entities are:

  • Discovering casualty simulation. 
  • Location of stolen goods. ​ 
  • Follow up of the situation of injured people. 
  • Investigation of permanent disabilities. 

Natural people and societies

The most common frauds perpetrated either against natural people as well as against societies are:

  • Fraud.
  • Concealment of assets.